Items Needed:

Homeless Veterans
Right Here in
Highlands County

We Currently have several Homeless
Veterans that live outside of shelter and
freedom they fought so hard for us to have.

They live out on the street and in the
woods all around Highlands County. Our
Donation Drive is to help them with
essentials they may need to survive.

We are asking for help with
the following donations.

Canned Sterno
Plastic totes (easy to carry)
9x9 Tarps or bigger
Sleeping Bags
Insect Repellent
Chap Stick
4 cases - Bottled Water
Toliet Paper
Assort. Chef Boy R Dee (pop top) products
Beenie Weenie's (or simular items)
Chewing Gum
Hard Candy (individually wrapped)
Warm Gloves
Warm Blankets
Ball Caps
Plastic Lighters
Grill Lighters
Plastic Food Storage Bags
Small Flashlights or Lanterns
Size "D' & "C" Batteries

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